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Lolubyte IT Consultants' virtualization services are aimed at helping you create service-oriented infrastructures by decoupling your application from infrastructure that in turn means an automatic decoupling from physical setting.

We provide an automated and integrated fashion of virtualization for networking; computing and storage environments that help you enable application mobility. Virtualization implementation services offered by us are concentrated on lowering your capital costs by refining utilization and lessening the number of managed objects with resource sharing.

Lolubyte IT Consultants Inc. follows an integrated and structured procedure in providing its Virtualization services that comprises: Planning, Implementation and on-going support

Our virtualization services include:


Platform Virtualization

Lets you separate out your operating systems from core platform resources

Application Virtualization

Lets you host multiple applications on any software or server

Storage Virtualization

Helps you attain location liberation by abstracting logical data from the physical data, building your data migration more palatable without any interruption

Network Virtualization

Help you make virtualized network within or across network subnets that helps run multiple networks customized to your explicit business needs

Desktop Virtualization

Our virtualization abilities help you to virtually support your desktops and be delivered to any mobile device, thin client or laptop

Database Virtualization

Facilitates constant availability of your mission acute data by virtualizing your database infrastructure by decoupling it from your storage and application layers